In response to our Freedom of Information Act appeal, the U.S. Navy released exact location for the sinking of USS America CV-66. The event occurred at the following location, roughly between the outer banks and Bermuda:

Message from NAVSEA, May 16, 2005

"On 14 May at approximately 1130 am EDT, a solemn moment of silence was held as the aircraft carrier ex-America slipped quietly beneath the waves. The data collected during the 25 days at sea from these test events will be of great value to Navy engineers and designers to improve the design and survivability of the nation's future aircraft carrier fleet. The Navy will provide a video and bronze plaque to members of the USS America Carrier Veterans Association and the America Museum Foundation at a yet to be determined time in the future. We thank and honor all the veterans of the USS America who lived and fought for freedom and democracy aboard this majestic vessel."

With these simple words, what we all expected for months came crashing down on those of us who served on the America and made her our home. Today the United States no longer has a ship named in her honor. No longer will "America" show the flag and represent us aboard.